Does your pond level keep falling? Or is your filter or pump not working as well as it should? Aqua Design Landscaping can provide you with an efficient and speedy maintenance and repair service, no matter the size of your water feature.
We can carry out regular maintenance to your pond to suit your needs from monthly, quarterly or just a yearly visit. All in the aim to keep your pond in tiptop condition, as without maintenance it can soon become a handful.

      • Pond lining repairs and maintenance
      • Structural repairs and reinforcement
      • Regular cleaning of your filter and pump
      • Vacuuming the bottom of the pond to stop the build-up of silt and unwanted debris
      • Trimming back pond plants to prevent them from becoming out of control
      • Waterfall jets washed to ensure desired effect and no loss in pressure
      • Removal of blanket weed and duckweed
      • Water tested for no2, no3 and nh4 pH
      • Fish health check
      • Maintenance and replacement of equipment: uv bulbs, filter foams etc

Is your pond losing water?

If your pond is leaking and you don’t know where it is escaping from, call us here at Aqua Design Landscaping. We will visit and quickly diagnose your problems, fixing them in a prompt and efficient manner.
If your liner has perished, split, sunk unevenly or your concrete pond is cracked or is leaking, we can:

      • Repair and patching of holes in your liner
      • Re-line your pond
      • Paint concrete ponds and old fibre glass ponds
      • Re-concrete the pond
      • Fibreglass patch if cracked or perished
      • Fibre glass ponds
      • Replace any cracked or splits pipes

Your local Aquatic Expert

With years of experience and a service that’s second to none, we can provide you with the perfect solution and brilliant advice for your pond and water features’ needs throughout the south west London area.

“Very helpful and reliable tradesman, understood exactly what I was after and created a fantastic pond and small stream within tight timescales. Very pleased with the results and have had a lot of compliments. Would definitely recommend.”
Liz Millet

Aqua Design Landscaping guarantee to beat any genuine quote you have been given for the same service throughout Surbiton, Sutton and the surrounding areas

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