Aqua Design Landscaping can provide you with a tailor made pond servicing and cleaning service that is specific to you and your ponds’ needs.
Over time a pond gains a build-up of sludge made of uneaten fish food, fish waste, leaves and other organic matter that will fall into the pond. This will make the pond cloudy and brown if left and can lead to a build-up of nitrite, nitrates and ammonia; this makes it toxic and will harm the fish, frogs and newts.

  • Pond servicing and cleaning at your convenience
  • Weekend appointments by prior arrangement
  • One-off or scheduled cleaning

Something to suit everyone

Whether you would just like a spruce up or would like to schedule cleaning once a month, Aqua Design Landscaping can keep your pond and water feature looking in prime condition.

Break down of pond clean

  • We will attend and evaluate your pond and ascertain what needs doing.
  • We will check the surrounding area to ensure there is enough space for equipment, holding tanks and the removal of the old water and sludge.
  • We will start by draining the good water and saving in a holding tank and removing the rest.
  • We will remove all of your pond life and keep them safely in the holding tank.
  • We then remove all of the sludge and jet wash your pond till it is spotless.
  • We then fill your pond with the good saved water and top up with fresh water.
  • Before the fish are added back into your pond we will put new bacteria and chemicals into the pond to ensure it is fish friendly so enabling the safe return of your fish.

Aqua Design Landscaping guarantee to beat any genuine quote you have been given for the same service throughout Surbiton, Sutton and the surrounding areas

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